Once Again​.​.​. With Feeling

by Chibi Kodama



We'd been wanting to toss together a batch of alternate versions of some of our favorites. Over the last few weeks we'd been talking through all of the chaos going on in our world, and the title song simply manifested out of all of that.

We hope it will encourage you as much as it does.


released July 17, 2016



all rights reserved
Track Name: Once Again... With Feeling
It’s a myth that we can be alone
It’s a myth than we can have an island of our own
It’s a selfish lie that i can get whatever i can dream
And never have thought for the way it comes to me

Even walking down my street
I affect the way that the particles meet
Through the air from my skin and my lungs to yours
Like it or not we all have open pores

And if I take care of mine
And if I have no concern for yours
Bit by bit I’m going blind
Little by little I closing up the door

It’s not that one life matters more than another
But some lives get kicked around more than the others
You can stay where it’s safe on the other side - if that’s your choice
But I don’t want to hide my eyes anymore

Don't turn around
When you see another falling down
Don't do it half way
Open up your eyes today
No half hearted attempts at loving my neighbor anymore
Try it once again, with feeling… once again with feeling (x3)

I can’t sit and be still
And be so content to have my fun and my fill
When my neighbor is next door fighting for his life
I can’t lay down on my bed
Believing that everything’s ok, I’m warm and well fed
When my neighbor is next door fighting for her life